GaasWorks SDK

Welcome to the GaasWorks SDK developer documentation. These docs should give you a broad understanding of how the SDK works with the GaasWorks services on each of the supported platforms.


As a quick reference to the terminology used throughout this documentation:

Deployment - a fileset for a particular version of your game. Deployments are configured using the GaasWorks Webtool and delivered remotely to the game.

Metagame - a data representation of your game, configured online.

Metagame Entity - a specific grouping of data belonging to your game. This could be anything from the particular layout parameters for a shop screen, to gameplay data such as player speed or AI difficulty.

Metagame Version - a collection of Metagame Entities. The SDK supports having many versions of your metagame that can be deployed and used for any purpose. For example you can segment Metagame versions in order to keep the data used to configure historic app versions separated, whilst also giving the developer freedom to iterate on the data used for the latest in-development app version.

Unity SDK

The Unity SDK currently supports all major platforms including iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows.


The native iOS SDK is currently accessible via a C++ interface. The Objective-C and Swift interfaces are coming soon.

Android SDK

The native Android SDK is currently accessible via a C++ interface. The Java interface is coming soon.